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Best Cards In WWE Supercard (All Seasons & Tiers)

Sick and tired of using the wrong cards or messing with the stats in WWE Supercard?

I have pulled together the strongest card from all seasons and all tiers here (and update the frequently) so you can see with one quick look which cards you should hold.

I know it can be quite controversial to talk about the “best”, but this is how the stats are in the respective seasons and tiers and this will determine which cards will be the best – no matter if you like or dislike a specific character.

What I’ve done here is giving you the best three cards in each tier available that you should go after, no matter what – sometimes there are multiple cards with the same total score so there are often more than just 3 cards there. That doesn’t mean that all other cards are rubbish (they’re not!), just just means they are slightly or heavily weaker than the ones and this is it all about when looking for the best cards, right? 😉

Season 5

Let’s have a look at the latest and current Season 5 in WWE Supercard.

WrestleMania 35

wwe supercard roman reigns season 5 wresltemania cardLet’s begin with the strongest rarity tier in WWE Supercard and the male cards… the winner is only one point ahead and it’s Roman Reigns with a total score of 306.586, followed by Brock Lesnar at 306.585 total score – wow, right?!

Third place goes to Triple H and Seth Rollins, both with 306.392 total score.

I really like that the female cards are also really strong in this tier, unlike other tiers…

ronda rousey season 5 wmThe strongest female card is (who else) Ronda Rousey with a total score of 305.832.

I can also say that there’s a close battle between 2nd and 3rd place where Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair are with 305.671 and 305.670 total score 😀






triple h shattered season 5When we take a look at the male cards in Season 5 in the Shattered Tier, we have actually a clear winner – and that’s Triple H with a total score of 262.009, no other card has that!

Following up with a total score of 261.993, slightly behind Triple H, there are the Undertaker, The Rock and AJ Styles. Also a great option if you ask me.

On the third place with a total score of 261.797 and clearly behind the first place there’s Steve Austin and Randy Orton but I also count in Romain Reigns and John Cena with their 261.796 🙂

best female season 5 shattered cards in wwe supercardNow let’s have a look at the ladies and we have a double winner here with a total score of 261.226 and that’s Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch.

They are followed by Charlotte Flair and Alexa Bliss with a decent lead and a total score of 261.002 in front of Shyna Baszler and Paige with “only” 260.813 total score.


In Neon Tier in Season 5 it’s not that big of a fight and there are four cards that take the lead for the men – and that’s The Rock, Ric Flair, Eddie Guerrero and AJ Styles – all with a total score of 217.873 and almost 200 points on top of John Cena with 217.692 total score.

wwe supercard season 5 best male neon cards

becky lynch season 5 neon tierFor the female cards, there’s not that much of a draw and Becky Lynch takes the lead here without any problems and her total score of 217.166.

Right after her, there’s Alexa Bliss with 216.958 and Kairi Sane/Carmella with 216.546 total score.

I’m personally a little bit disappointed that the ladies are not that strong in the Neon Tier, but that’s just how the scores are set in stone, right?


gobbledy gookerLet’s jump into Gothic Tier with the male cards and the best card is Gobbledy Gooker with a total score of 177.228 and only one single point ahead of the three follwing up cards (total score of 177.227!!) that are the Undertaker, Triple H and AJ Styles, WOW! There’s Roman Reigns and Shawn Michaels in third place with 177.046 but how close is this one here, right?!

ronda roussey season 5 gothic tierWhen looking at the female cards, the choice is a lot easier (or let’s say clearer) for Ronda Rousey with 176.467 total score, followed by Paige with 176.022 and Ruby Riott at third place with 175.801

Season 4

WWE Supercard Season 4 is available and here we go with the strongest cards for you…

Summerslam ’18

alexa bliss summer slam wwe supercard season 4In this rarity tier, Bret Hart takes the lead with a lead of more than 2.000 total points at a total score of 136.764 and the following cards (The Undertaker and AJ Styles) look with their total score of 134.512 already weak although they are the second-strongest cards here, crazy right?

Looking at the ladies, the situation is a little more balanced with Alexa Bliss in the first place at 133.796 total score followed by Ronda Rousey and Carmella with 133.587 total score.


aj styles goliath wwe supercardOf course, Vader is as event card the strongest card here with 101.607 total score but looking at the other cards we have here AJ Styles (99.312), The Rock (99.134) and Also Romain Reigns (98.958) pretty close together but still behind Vader.

I personally don’t like these event special cards not that much because they are extremely overpowered and that just to make people spend money to get it, but hey, tnia jaxhat’s my opinion nothing more 😉

nia jaxThe female cards to get are Nia Jax (yes, a little bit of surprise) with her 98.621 total score, follwed by Asuka (98.564) and Charlotte Flair (98.443) with less surprising cards. I personally though that Asuka will make the strongest card here but sometimes I also get surprised by WWE Supercard 😀







WrestleMania 34

wwe supercard undertaker season 4 wrestlemaniaFor the best male cards in the WrestleMania 34 tier we have a double winner with a total score of 70.538 and that’s the Undertaker and AJ Styles!

Still a close battle here as the Rock (70.456) and Steve Austin (70.326) not far behind them and also quite close together – if you ask me, any of these cards is worth it 😉

Don’t shoot me for only using the Undertaker for the image, I just think that’s the coolest card design around right now…

wwe supercard alexa bliss season 4 wrestlemaniaLooking at the ladies, Alexa Bliss (69.826) has made the race and is the strongest card in this tier and the other female cards are on quite some distance.

That’s on the second place Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair, bot at 69.642 and Asuka with 69.583 total score.




john cenaThis is an interesting tier if we look at the male cards, because we have always two cards on each of the places 🙂

First place make John Cena and Brock Lesnar with each 54.345 in total score, followe dup by Braun Strowman and AJ Styles with 54.148 and Romand Reign with kevin Owens at 54.044 total score.

I like such a structure because there are more total cards that are extremely strong and that you can use.

alexa blissLet’s have a look at the best female cards here….

The best one is Alexa Bliss (once again) with 53.630 total score followed really tight by Asuka (53.567).

Third place is on quite some distance and the third best card is Charlotte Flair with 53.470 total score.


Brock Lesnar is leading by one single stats point with 46.151 in front of John Cena with 46.150.

On the second place of the strongest male cards in this tier we have Braun Strowman and AJ Styles, each one with 46.001 total score.

Alexa Bliss takes the lead here for the ladies once again with 45.465 total score in front of Asuka with 45.405 total score – Charlotte Flair is once again on third place.

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