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WWE Mayhem Life Hacks

WWE Mayhem is one of the most-played mobile games right now so it’s not that big of a surprise that many players – like you – do a search for cheats and hacks online to progress faster, level up the fighters quicker and get more Gold and Cash as well.

So, there’s not only good hacks and cheats out there for WWE Mayhem so I took the time to check out each single of them for you and give you an overview here which ones will work and which ones you should keep your hands off.

Let’s get ready to rumble.

The Hacks & Cheats in WWE Mayhem That Work & Don’t Work

Sticking to my tips here and staying away from the bad hacks will help you climbing the ladder in WWE Mayhem without spending any money.

Tip #1 – Online Generators & Hack Tools

Let’s begin with the most-spread hack out there, the hack tools:

wwe mayhem generator hack toolIf this is not the first site you open when searching for a hack for WWE Mayhem you probably know them already – enter your player name and how much Gold and Cash you need and they will transfer it to your WWE Mayhem account with their hack generator. Now, the truth is they appear differently from time to time but they all work the same. No one except the developers can access the data so there’s no way these generator can work actually

Tip #2 – Cheat Codes in WWE Mayhem

There are no official cheat codes in WWE Mayhem that will give you Gold or Cash or 4-Star fighters. The developers let you play their game for free and earn their money by selling Gold and more via their in-game shop, I think this makes it obvious why searching for cheat codes doesn’t make much sense in WWE Mayhem, right?

The good news is, there are a lot of small and handy cheats and hacks that you can still use inside of Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery to still get a nice lead.

That’s what I will tell you now.

Tip #3 – Hack to win all matches early

This hack works especially early to mid game and will save you a good amount of money or health kits/revives.

wwe mayhem parry a charged attackYou’re simply guarding and take the little damage until you manage to block either a heavy, special or charged attack. This will stun your opponent for a short time and you can do a quick three-hit combination. I know, I know this is not a great entertaining style to fight in WWE Mayhem, but after all it works pretty well.

The secret behind charging is that you need to parry in the moment before your opponent starts his attack – a little practice and you will do it easily 🙂

Tip #4 – Offense hacks for more damage

When you’re attacking, always use 3-swing combinations – either swipe-tap-tap or tap-tap-swipe. I most of the times use the first one in WWE Mayhem, because it helps when the opponent tries to step back to avoid your hit and you swipe will become a dash.

Tip #5 – Cheat for better loot cases

wwe mayhem best loot cases cheatsWhen you open a case you will see the spinning wheel what reward you will get. When the wheel gets so slow that you’re sure to see what reward you will get and you don’t like it, fast use your home button and force close the WWE Mayhem app and start it again.

Now you will see that your case has not been opened and you can repeat this as many times as you want until you get the case reward you want – a nice and handy cheat if you ask me 😉

Update! Unfortunately, this cheat is not working anymore and got fixed by the WWE Mayhem team a few months ago.

WWE Mayhem Hacks For Free Gold

Now let’s have a look at how you can get more Gold in WWE Mayhem.

Tip #1 – Wildcard Entry for extra Gold & Cash

WWE Mayhem wildcard entry for free gold and cashOne of the best ways to farm Gold & Cash in WWE Mayhem is simply using the Wildcard Entry Event that will give you 10 Gold and 520 Cash in the beginner difficulty (and two times or three times that at the higher difficulty stages) and you can repeat it after you complete it as often as you want to.

At a certain point, it’s easy enough for you and you will simply complete it on autopilot and stockpile enough Gold you need.

Tip #2 – Rank Everywhere

Try to rank in every event and ladder you can, even if it doesn’t seem good – you will start getting frequent rewards for taking part and this will help you in the long run with the additional weights, XP, Gold and Cash.

wwe champions ladder more rewards

Tip #3 – Victory Extra Rewards

wwe mayhem victory bonusWhen you’re winning a championship belt match you will get a bonus on all future matches for a couple of minutes. Don’t end your session now but rather start your session off with that to make a full benefit from it in WWE Mayhem.


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