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WWE Supercard Life Hacks

Are you searching for hacks or cheats that will give you a boost in WWE Supercard? Well, I’m sure that you have been seeing other videos or pages that offer bad glitches or other things that don’t even work? I know that and that’s why I decided to make this article here where I checked all the glitches, hacks, cheats and tips for WWE Supercard that I found out there and show you which ones really work and which ones are only wasting your time.

The Hacks & Cheats in WWE Supercard That Work & Don’t Work

Tip #1 – Online Generators & Hack Tools

Let’s begin with the probably most-commonly found hack out there for WWE Supercard, the generators, also called hack tools:

wwe supercard hack tool generatorYou probably have seen them, they will ask you for your player name and how many Credits you would like to get and tell you they will transfer them directly to your account – not very surprised that they all do not work so don’t get cought up by thinking they might work when looking a lottle different from one or another.

Tip #2 – Cheat Codes in WWE Supercard

Don’t waste your time looking around for any cheat codes for the game, there are none. The developers offer the game for free and earn money and their server cost and update costs by selling Credits in the in-app store.

However, there are still plenty of cheats in the game that will help you – read on!

Tip #3 – The Easy Opponent Cheat

There’s a simple hack in WWE Supercard that can give you an opponent you can beat easily, however, it doesn’t always work but often enough to make it worth doing. The good news is, even if it doesn’t work, you’ll end up with an opponent you would have gotten anyway so there’s nothing to lose and it only takes 20 seconds.

At the beginning in WILD Mode, you choose the “Edit Deck” button and switch all your good cards out until you see a lower tier on top. Once that happened, you will choose the “auto-fill” and often your then will get matched against opponents with decks that are so weak like the deck you made up on purpose before auto-filling it back up.

WWE SUpercard hack for easier opponents

This will give you a 100% guaranteed win in WWE Supercard with no effort.

Tip #4 – Maxed Out Pro Stats Hack in WWE Supercard

This is a handy hack in that will help you getting the best stats for your Pros in WWE Supercard.

Have you ever asked yourself why same level PRO Cards sometimes have such different stats but are on the same level?! Here’s a great example:

wwe supercard pro card match

Triple H doesn’t stand here any chance in WWE Supercard, but how can this happen? Triple H isn’t that much weaker than Randy Orton, the reason is a different one and the fault is only at the player!

wwe supercard best stats for pro statsHere you see how his stats are when he’s leveld up to PRO properly. Now the stats look good, right?

The reason for this above shown weakness is simply because the player did not combine the Triple H cards properly!!!

You get this if you combine two same cards that are not leveld up to their max. If you combine a Level 30 Triple H with a Level 0 one, you will get the above weak card that is basically useless – the cheat here is to always max out your cards before combining them or you will get a super weak PRO Card in WWE Supercard!

Tip #5 – Level Up Faster

wwe supercard level up cards fasterIf you want to level up a certain card in WWE Supercar, there’s a quite simple hack to do it.

When setting up your deck, make sure that you have the card you want to level up faster along with only uncommon cards (or other weaker cards) and start a Royal Rumble match.

This will help you cycle through your deck a lot faster and play the card you want to level up more frequently to get the faster points to level it up.

Tip #6 – All Glitches Got Fixed

You will stumble across several videos that show different ways how going into the store and canceling a credit purchase, going to your cards and deleting one and doing it again will give you the 15,000 Credits for free and others like that. They USED to work (at least some of them), but they are all fixed now, so don’t waste your time with these hacks in WWE Supercard.

WWE Supercard Hacks For Free Credits

Now let’s have a look at how you can get free Credits for WWE Supercard.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any great glitches or tricks inside the game anymore, but I have a good one for you that can help you get Credits without spending any of your money on it.

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