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WWE Supercard Ring Domination – More Shards & Victories Tips

Winning shards and unlocking new cards in Ring Domination is actually pretty easy in WWE Supercard, so I have been putting my favorite tips together in this guide that should help you to dominate Ring Domination.

More Wins in Ring Domination

Here are some great tips that will help you to win more and get more pull in Ring Domination in WWE Supercard.

Get Easier Matches

Under regular circumstances, you will get mostly opponents matched that are pretty much the same strength as you have so it’s a simple coinflip if you win or not. 50:50. But you can use some simple tricks that can help you get matched against an easier opponent in Ring Domination in WWE Supercard.

wwe supercard new opponent in ring domination

If you see a challenger that has a lot of wins, like 25k or more you can be sure they are good and know what they’re doing and you won’t have much of an edge on them in Ring Domination. No problem, simply go back and go back in and you will see a new opponent that hopefully is easier to beat.

You can repeat that as often as you want to. It also work by switching in and out some cards in your roaster but going back is a lot faster 😉

The second important thing is having some real low cards in your roaster that will lower your overall weight of your deck and get you easier opponents.

Sounds like crazy talk?

With the pocket strategy, you won’t have any problems with these low card as you will only use them to fill your pockets (see the next tip)

wwe supercard easier opponents

Create Pockets

This is the basic strategy you will use in Ring Domination in WWE Supercard all the time. The basic is to create pockets where you can place your low cards (that you have in your roaster for easier matching) but they can’t get attacked.

Here’s an example:

wwe supercard pocket strategy ring domination

First start with your strongest card in the very center and then start placing cards in the center parts – as son as you have created a pocket you can fill in your low cards and take the victory in normal cases 🙂

Are you looking for some more tips to dominate in WWE Supercard? Read my guide here.

Get More Shards in Ring Domination

Now let’s take a look at the efficiency when collecting shards in Ring Dominations in WWE Supercard.

The Shard Before Ring Domination Starts

wwe supercard ring domination extra shardThis trick will guarantee you a shard right from the beginning. Ring Domination shares the same card board with Wild Mode, so you can play a couple of Wild Mode matches BEFORE the Ring Domination starts and only leave 4 to 8 cards on the board. Now when Team Ring Domination starts, you have these exact same cards in the exact same positions on the board so you get your first guaranteed shard after your first victory.


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